Vitamins and Women's Mortality--Don't Believe the Negative Reports!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 by Dr. Susan Lark
Yesterday, you may have seen some media reports about a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine that concluded that the use of multivitamins and some dietary supplements (vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, magnesium, zinc, and copper) increased the risk of death in older women.

I was extremely disappointed to hear about this study and find it to be another unwarranted attack on the supplement industry. The fact of the matter is, our diets, no matter how good and well-balanced, simply do not meet our bodies’ nutritional needs. Conventional farming practices leave our fruits and vegetables lacking in nutrients, and thanks to our on-the-go lifestyles, processed and fast foods dominate many American women’s diets. 

Furthermore, this one study contradicts the literally THOUSANDS of earlier studies that have consistently shown the countless benefits of supplements for the reduction of breast cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and other health problems that plague women. It also contradicts years of years of clinical findings by physicians like myself, who have seen great positive results in patients by prescribing nutritional supplement regimens to prevent and treat illness and disease.

Of course, this one negative study comes on the heels of increasing attempts by the FDA to regulate the supplements that so many of us take every day to maintain our health and well-being. The timing of this study's release is very suspicious!

I, for one, will continue taking my multivitamin and other supplements with extreme confidence, and I suggest that you do the same.  

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Comments for Vitamins and Women's Mortality--Don't Believe the Negative Reports!!

Friday, October 21, 2011 by rosemarie Tanner:
It figures that the multi-million drug industry would come out with a rumor like this. I don't believe it. Increasingly we need to be able to help ourselves as much as we can. Yes, the medical profession knows much, but they cannot dictate in those 10 minutes allotted to Dr. Visits, nor are most of them train ed to really know supplements, and I make you a bet, many use supplements too, they just cannot say so for fear of law-suites.
Friday, October 21, 2011 by Spark:
Stupidity in studies causes the HIGHEST mortality
rates in everyone. Science ought to be ashamed of its
blatant attempts to get attention by hyping such studies.
Next week, that and other studies will be refuted by other
studies and by studies that "study studies". In USA, science
has turned into science-scam, especially in academia where
every "scientist" tries to hype themselves via publicity no matter
if it's True or False. They ought to go to jail for this, but
they don't. "everybody does it" is the academic excuse.
Friday, October 21, 2011 by Bon Lua:
FDA wants all the most nutritious part of meal to be their only. Tell them to eat medicine and not food ! FDA want more people to go to hell, only them they can go to heaven !
Friday, October 21, 2011 by Bon Lua:
It will take another 200 years for FDA to believe in the benefits of food supplements. Before that FDA will control of the sales of this food supplement industries and the whole piece of cake belong to them as all food supplements will come under " by prescription only " and will be regulated by ha ha the FDA again. Gym mix of FDA !
Friday, October 21, 2011 by Tina Frisco:
The FDA has been trying to regulate the supplement industry for decades, ever since the poll in the 1980s showed that the majority of Americans use some form of homeopathic (vs. allopathic) medicine. The FDA has been and continues to be heavily lobbied by pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, the two have become partners in crime - the "crime" being their deceiving Americans into believing the supplement industry needs more regulation than it already has. The number of people purported to have died solely due to "supplement use" is questionable, since most studies weren't comprehensive (e.g., double-blind or if drug interactions were involved). The bottom line is that drug companies want to corner the supplement market, given how lucrative it has become.
Sunday, October 23, 2011 by Dr. Bernadette Sheridan:
Disappointed is not the word to describe my colleagues... disgusted and disillusioned... Mind you, I am a member of the medical establishment for 30+ years.. and have battled my colleagues on the vitamin issue constantly.. now the latest battle is Vitamin D... and now this..??!!! Shame on you, FDA.. and AMA.. and Annals of Internal medicine.. I am now waiting for sensible scientists to speak up.. to the non physicians and regular folk out there.. who are trying all they can in the uphillbattle to stay healthy.. all I can say is this: keep on keeping on.. and watch the money trail.. science for profit will fail every time.. and THAT, my friends.. is why we are getting sicker by the minute.. technology fails to affect outcome when profit drives the wagon.
Sunday, October 23, 2011 by Rhonda:
Better off without FDA involved. Look at the overuse and over prescibed drugs from Doctors.
Monday, October 24, 2011 by Elinore:
How do we test our supplements to be sure they are potent and doing us good ??.....
Friday, October 28, 2011 by Elinore:
Hi Elinore,
Unfortunately, you don't know the quality of different supplements--that's definitely a concern. All of the supplements I create and recommend goes through a rigorous triple testing. First, we test the raw materials to make sure they're in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and to assure the identity, quality, purity, and potency. Next, the finished supplements are batch tested to ensure that every product meets label claim and purity specifications. Finally, I use independent laboratory testing to confirm that my products meet purity and potency specifications for optimal efficacy. That way I'm assured that any formula I'm giving you is, to use your words "potent and good."

I hope that helps,
Dr. Lark
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 by Gloria Jones:
I think this is just a futile attempt by the FDA and the big pharmaceutical and insurance companies to protect their billion-dollar industry. They are afraid that supplements will replace their expensive and dangerous drugs to the extent that their profits will suffer. I've heard and read that if they succeed in this legislation, millions of people who rely on supplements will be seriously at risk and also at the mercy of drugs that can and do kill! If the FDA succeeds in this legislation, even on a partial basis, what supplements are still allowed will be watered down to the extent they are no longer effective. We have to fight to keep our health choices intact. This is a most serious and disturbing topic, particularly to those who depend on supplements and cannot afford or take the health risks associated with prescription drugs, which I call poison, as most of them list death as one of the side effects, as well as other serious conditions that compromise one's health and well being.
Thursday, November 17, 2011 by sklein:
As far as the use of supplements increasing the risk of death, that is quite a far-reaching claim. On the other hand, using a multiple vitamin/mineral supplement on a daily basis, there seems little evidence that over-all health is improved. In any case, there has to be some agency regulating the use of products. We are held over a barrel, so to speak.

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