Kick-Start Your Natural Weightloss-Step 3

Friday, December 17, 2010 by Susan Lark
Step three in curbing emotional eating and kick-starting your natural weightloss may seem simple, but I find that so many women don't do it!

I recommend that, when selecting a book to read, or a film to watch, or a play to see, be sure to find entertainment that can lift your mood and not drag you down and make you anxious. I am not suggesting that you should choose to live in a fantasy world. Rather, bear in mind that producers choose scripts that sell, and, sad to say, the violence and ugliness in many films are as much a departure from reality as are Polyanna stories and Disney cartoons, and they do impact everyone’s emotional well-being. Remember: Entertainment is supposed to be entertaining, not troubling.

Doing so will keep your negative emotions at bay and help you control your appetite and curb your emotional eating.

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