Microderm for a Wrinkle Free Face?

Saturday, July 3, 2010 by Kimberly Day
I am a huge believer in using the best natural skin care…and then I turned 40. Suddenly, I started getting paranoid that my face was going to look like a road map and that my pores would become the potholes on that road.

As I looked into amping up my skin care regimen, I was hard pressed to find safe, natural alternatives. Then I came across microdermabrasion (microderm) and decided to give it a try.

Microderm is used primarily to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and reduce pore size. Okay, I was listening. The procedure itself involves a suction cup and what feels like sand to exfoliate the skin at a deeper level than most over-the-counter products can achieve.

I signed up for two sessions at a local medispa and discovered two things:
  1. It is natural, in terms of no chemicals are used.
  2. The person running the machine makes ALL the difference in the world.
I had the exact procedure performed by two different people and my results were dramatically different (think better) with the second person. My skin was smooth, soft, my pore size was reduced, and it actually seemed to glow. Best of all, the effect lasted a few weeks.

If you are looking for a chemical-free way to enhance your anti aging anti wrinkle regimen, I recommend giving microdermabrasion a try. My only caveats are to avoid the procedure if you have sensitive skin and to do your research regarding technicians.

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